Make a Difference


OMOYA’s handwoven bead jewellery  is created in partnership with Prerana, an anti-human trafficking N.G.O based in Mumbai, India. With every purchase, you directly contribute towards the education of young girls at their shelter facility, Perarana, Naunihal. 


About Prerana

Prerana works to end intergenerational prostitution and to protect women and children from the threats of human trafficking by defending their rights and dignity, providing a safe environment, supporting their education and health and leading major advocacy efforts. Since its establishment in 1986, Prerana’s pioneering efforts have been instrumental in supporting victims through the entire cycle from prevention to repatriation.

Prerana, Naunihal, has been a shelter facility for girls based in Mumbai, India since October 2010.

Prerana’s partners include UNIFEM, UNICEF , UNDP, USAID, FHI- USA, Departments of U. S. Govt., ASSKAM - Switzerland, Groupe Development -France, Stitching Geron - The Netherlands, American Jewish World Service - New York, USA, Global Fund for Children - Washington, USA and Association of Education & Development, USA.


OMOYA’s Jewellery Making Programme at Prerana, Naunihal

Begun in February 2016, OMOYA’s jewellery making programme at Prerana, Naunihal, has trained over twenty young women to date. The programme is open to anyone who wishes to join. Each batch follows a three step progression:

  • Technique
    The first step is to familiarize the young women with the peyote-stitch beading technique. Founder and chief volunteer, Eesha Ghate, teaches each girl personally. This stage typically takes 2-3 weeks before the girls can move on to the next stage,
  • Pattern Making
    At this stage, the girls are given pre-designed patterns, ranging from simple to difficult. This stage challenges their ability to use their technique to make wearable, sellable pieces. Focus and patience are two big learnings at this stage. It takes 6 to 8 months to move on to the next stage.
  • Designing
    By this time, the girls have mastered both technique and design, and are now in the position to create their own pieces